Have You Heard About Gamified Learning?

Every human being regardless of where they came from has a different learning curve. This is probably one of the reasons why there are no one-size-fits-all in teaching. You will have students who will be left behind. Gamified learning is a solution proposed by many educators in solving this problem.


Getting Rid of Autonomy

Some students don’t like the feeling of autonomy. They will feel as if they are being boxed in a four-walled classroom. The result, lack of interest and motivation to pursue the course. Though autonomy works for some, especially to those people who need boundaries and a clear goal. Gamified learning is the exact opposite of autonomy style of teaching. It offers a teaching style based on challenges. It teaches students to hunt for answers. Most of the time, your students will learn independence which is more ideal.


Learning at Your Own Pace

Gamified learning is like playing a virtual game. If you die in the game, you can try again. You could practice as much as you want until you reach the advanced level. The idea is to not let any be left behind. Gamified learning is a versatile way of learning. Students who love reading can do their own research. And for those students who like visuals, they could also benefit from this method too. According to a student who created a tech blog, gamified learning suited him because he is a kinetic learner. He needs to understand the “why” part first before he can do the “how” part.

How to Apply This New Method of Learning/Teaching

It will be a different paradigm shift that may cause educators to adopt a new teaching style; however, it will be such a great advantage for students. As an educator, you have to determine your students’ motivation factors and learning curve. You will also have to incorporate technology in your ways of teaching like creating online quizzes and thinking of challenges.