Advantages of Online Quizzes

Technology made groundbreaking changes on how we do business, and now, it literally changed our educational system. Traditional educators will oppose the use of technology in teaching, but they can’t deny the strong advantages of online revolution and on how impacted our educational system today.

online quiz

Engage with Multiple Audiences

Online quizzes were initially adopted by big brands to engage to their audience. They saw the potential of using this tool in creating a stronger brand. The game has changed from aggressive advertising to a more genuine approach called alexa traffic rank download where they engage with their customers rather than just trying to sell. It favours customer around the world because they get more value for their business.

Save Time in Checking

If you are a teacher who checks every paper of your students, you’ll know what we mean by gruelling paper works. It will take you hours just to check one-by-one the line items. You will even have to question yourself if you were able to check every paper with quality. And for essay compositions, it will be harder for you to proofread everything. The painful part of doing the checking manually, you don’t know if your students copy paste it somewhere. Online quizzes can go father than just multiple choices type of questions. Teachers are able to ask open questions to stir the thinking process of their students.


Easy Analytics

Here’s the biggest advantage of online quizzes, instructors can get instant analytics. There is no need to create a graph to study the weak points of your students. The platform you used in creating the quiz could generate it for you. Online analytics systems can process huge data even for big companies analyzing their mobile traffic by application category. It’s no question that this aspect of online quiz platforms is a huge advantage for anyone who uses it.

Possibilities are Endless

Online quizzes eliminated a number of limitations such as demographic limitation, number of participants limit, and time. Your participants can answer the quiz even on their mobile phones. No wonder why big brands were able to buy website traffic without a sweat. Online quizzes played a major role in their survey, market research, and customer engagement. The possibilities are endless. All you need is creative juice in creating the right questions.