How to Make an Online Quiz

Online quizzes are the rave nowadays because of the easiness of getting and collating a good number of information about people, the demographics, the geographic, number of customers that buy and sell websites, their preferences, the markets, their dislikes, and other data. You may have noticed numerous online quizzes that may seem like just for fun. Some are indeed made for the purpose of a few laughs and a whole lot of enjoyment. But other online quizzes are geared toward actually collecting information to be used for further testing and research.


Your reason for creating an online quiz can be trivial like having fun with your friends or a business survey of whether to create a website setup service or not or to use the Magento to Shopify migration service or other options. Wherever the online quiz is to be utilized, you should know how to make a good online quiz.

Define the Quiz type

You have to first know the type of quiz that you want to create. It really depends upon the purpose of the results of the quiz. Some may require explanations for the answers while others just get a yes or no answer. The good thing about online quiz is that it is accessible anywhere a person is as long as he has a mobile device at hand. The problem, however, is that people have a shorter attention span than, say, ten or twenty years ago. So you should keep your quizzes as short as possible but it should give the answers that you want to get.

The two main categories of quizzes are reinforcement quizzes and assessment quizzes. The reinforcement quizzes are usually used by researchers and marketers who want to get information about the demographic or the type of customers that they should aim for. These quizzes do not have time limits. They also do not have penalties for wrong answers.

Assessment quizzes, on the other hand, are used by HR managers or educators to see the level of knowledge of a particular group of people. These quizzes can be for an employee or student assessment. They are usually assigned time limits and penalties for errors.


Choose the right questions

If you are going to make a good quiz, you have to know the types of questions that you can use. You can put True or False questions, multiple choice, multiple response, arranging items in a sequence, answering number sequence, choosing from a dropdown list, a matching type, or fill in the blanks. Be sure to put a correct direction or instruction on top of the page so that the people who will answer the questions will know what to do with the questions.

Keep the questions clear

You will only get accurate results if the reader who will answer the question knows that the question is all about. You should think about the wording of your questions. You want to avoid double-meanings or unclear questions in your reader’s mind. They do not have anyone to ask about what the question means because it is an online test. If a question is unclear, they have no choice but to formulate their own meaning of the question.