How To Evaluate Online Quiz Results

Now that you have the results of the quizzes, what’s next? Evaluation part will give you inputs on how your students respond to your teaching method. As an educator, your students learn from you, and at the same time, you learn from them.

Get the Pass and Failed Ratio

quizTo find out how most of your students are doing, get the pass and failed ratio. Don’t be discouraged when the failing percentage is higher than the passing ratio. It is a stepping stone for a better lecture or method of teaching. At least you’ll have an idea on where your students stand. You could adjust the speed of your teaching or try to use different materials during your lectures.

What are The Common Errors?

The common errors will tell you about the weak points of your teaching style or lesson plan. Identify whether your students are having a hard time with remembering terminologies or they have difficulty in solving problems. It will also tell you the strength and weaknesses of your students when it comes to absorbing new knowledge or practice. Knowing where you should focus on is the start of better scores and knowledge absorption. Let’s say the common error is with problem-solving, it is possible that the previous approach lacks practices.

Check for Unclear Questions and or Answers

perfectIf there is a significant number of students who got an incorrect answer for a specific line item, check for unclear questions or answers. If you spotted any, consider whether to disregard that specific line item. You may have to check the changes in your data analysis after.

Consider The Number of Attempts

It depends on how you set the quiz to be. You can let your students take a number of attempts if they failed. Since they have taken the quiz before, there’s a higher chance that they will get a high score compared to those who took the quiz only once. Normally, instructors place a deduction point value for multiple attempts. The higher the attempts, the higher the deduction on the score.