Create Fantastic Quizzes

You probably remember those moments when you were just a student. Every time our professor will tell us that there’s going to be a quiz, we know that our weekend fun is over. It’s time for a change.

The Difference Between a Quiz and a Test

quizMost of us don’t know the difference between a quiz and a test. A quiz is designed to gauge the knowledge of the students, while a test is used as a benchmark whether the student is qualified to pass the course or not. So, a quiz could be made into something fun. It all depends on the creativity of the instructor. He could make a puzzle quiz instead of doing a quiz focusing on texts. Quiz could be used to break the autonomy of the whole lecture if we just realize the methods to make it more challenging yet fun.

Play with The Difficulty Level

We cannot make the quiz too easy to answer. It violates the whole purpose of the quiz. But we cannot make it too difficult, otherwise, it will give your students a shock. What we suggest is that you play with the difficulty level. There should be some easy parts and also some difficult parts. Mixing the difficulty level balances the quiz. After the quiz, your students won’t feel as if they didn’t learn anything. Confidence one of the integral parts of learning. Your students should have confidence that it is possible to learn and have an assurance they can slay the course.


Give Space for Some Reflection

Reflection is a good way to activate the lower left side of the brain. It boosts creativity and challenges your students’ reasoning. There were professors who build a website just to reiterate the importance of reflection in a lesson plan. You could also incorporate this on your quizzes. At the last part of the quiz, ask your students what they have learned, and what they would do on their newfound learning.