About Us

Providing Value is Our Foundation

We started really small. All the tools and the thought process involved in creating this platform is the fruit for tireless labour and our strong passion for what we do. We had no clear marketing approach to turn this platform into a real business. However, people started coming, just because we provide great value. We realized the potential of MIJN Quiz only after our launching. It goes to show that providing value is the greatest tool in the area of marketing business could ever have

Our Service Offerings:

MIJN Quiz provides both free and paid version for creating online quizzes. We kept in mind the tools needed in creating such forms and added more features to cater to everyone’s needs. All of our developers and staff have one thing in mind: to provide a great experience to our subscribers. We aim to take the sweat away and complexity involved in creating online quizzes for whatever purposes our subscribers have in mind. Our platform is suitable for business and or personal use.