Most frequent questions and answers

Go to register. Instead of sign in, click “I forgot my password”. We’ll send you an email with the password reset link. Please finish the process within 10 mins.

Yes. There is a minimal, monthly subscription fee. The profits that we earn from these subscriptions enable us to maintain the site and also let us hire developers who could add more useful features.

If you would like to get the full version, simply click “get the full version now”. You would have to enter your payment details. Don’t worry, our platform has all the security features to keep your records private.

Most of the features you’ll need are almost in the free version; however, we added some value on the full version such as the timed quiz and single tab rules. You may also get the full version of customization tools that will surely help you in branding for your website visitors.

Yes. Don’t worry. Our account creation method is simple. You will just have to register and confirm your email address. That’s all, no complicated information will be asked to during the registration process.

Yes. In fact, you may try the tutorial mode. It is designed for beginners who have no idea on the basics of online form creation.